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Laser-pointer tracking

Bachelor's project, 2006.
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Oliver Bimber

A system that employs a custom-built pan-tilt-zoom camera for laser pointer tracking in arbitrary real environments. Once placed in a room, it carries out a fully automatic self-registration, registrations of projectors, and sampling of surface parameters, such as geometry and reflectivity. After these steps, it can be used for tracking a laser spot on the surface as well as an LED marker in 3D space, using inter-playing fish-eye context and controllable detail cameras.

Laser-Pointer Tracking in Projector-Augmented Real Environments

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Laser-Pointer Tracking in Projector-Augmented Architectural Environments

Kurz, D., Häntsch, F., Grosse, M., Schiewe, A., and Bimber, O.
Laser-Pointer Tracking in Projector-Augmented Architectural Environments
In Proc. IEEE and ACM International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR2007), pp. 19-26, Nara, Japan, 2007.

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Kurz, D. under supervision of Bimber, O. and Gross, T.
Laserpointer Tracking in realen Umgebungen
Bachelor Thesis, Bauhaus-Universitšt Weimar, Faculty of Media, Media Systems

Submitted: 2006/11/13
Defended: 2006/11/20

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